Marco Schmidt studied Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning in Berlin. He worked on various urban ecological demonstration projects, commissioned by the Berlin Senate for Urban Development and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Main focus is the evaluation of buildings especially regarding water balance modifications, energy consumption, the urban heat island effect and climate change mitigation strategies which focus on evaporation rather than greenhouse gas emissions. 
Since 1992 teaching and research activities at the Technical University of Berlin and the University of Applied Sciences in Neubrandenburg on developing the necessary skills and best practice in ecological construction. Research and testing fields in urban ecology, esp. rainwater management of pavements, roof greening, façade greening, rainwater harvesting projects and evaporative cooling systems. Since 2005 member of the working group “WaterGy”, which focus on the energy conversion of evaporation and absorption of water using salt solutions. Marco Schmidt is also specialized in electronic acquisition and processing of environmental data.


Areas of expertise:

  • Evaluation of urban development demonstration projects
  • Energy conservation strategies, building climatization
  • Hydrologic cycle and impact on the climate change
  • Strategies of local water management, especially regarding water balance modifications in urban areas, evapotranspiration changes
  • vegetated roofs, vertical gardens, pervious pavements
  • Electronic acquisition and processing of environmental data